Assessing Volume and Flows - Anthony McCloy - BEng CEng FIEI

Anthony McCloy  

Without becoming an expert in hydraulic software and knowing the workings of a hydraulic simulation process, how can one evaluate volume submissions as part of a SAB? This paper will explain the process of expressing volumes in a simple and straight forward manner, which not only facilitates a more flexible approach to design, but should also simplify the evaluation process.

In any estimation process there are no correct answers, just degrees of accuracy. Different approaches to storage design (outlined by the draft national standards 2011) will give rise to different storage volumes. The various approaches to storage design will be considered; how these relate to real schemes and what the implications are in terms of outputs and implementation.

To round off the paper, the 50% betterment approach to brownfield and retro-fit sites will be reflected upon, with an alternative approach presented which may deliver a much wider range of benefits whilst requiring no additional volume of storage.

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